Giving Presentation
for 10 out of 10

Two-day training on how to explain, persuade and inspire
What is the cost of a failed presentation?
Only you know how many hours you spent on it, how many slides were created and deleted, how many rehearsals you ran, before you learned that your audience was not convinced.

Well, now it's time to learn how to give presentations for 10 out of 10, that is how to explain, persuade and inspire!
Key elements of the training
During the16 hours of the training you will master all three of them.
Our brains are tricky devices. You can't just throw facts into your audience, hoping they'd understand the whole point.

On the training you will learn how to wrap up your information into a structure that would get your audience's attention and understanding.
But even if your story is perfect, poor slides may ruin it to death.

During this course you will not only learn the fundamentals of the design, but also how to apply them to your slides and to help you persuade the audience.
This one is about the happy medium. If there's too little passion in your talk people would grab their phones in a second. If there's too much of it, they would run away.

This program will help you to find your own unique and authentic way to inspire.
Who would benefit the most?
This training program will be empowering for every communicator and especially for...
There is no such thing as silent leadership. From Martin Luther King to Mahatma Gandhi all great changes began with a presentation.
These people are pitching their ideas all the time: for their teams, customers, investors and - yes! - even for their families!
Project Managers
The key responsibility of a project manager is to communicate. Failed communication results in a failed project. Don't risk, learn how to do it right.
Movie producers, city producers, art producers, presentation producers, music producers. There are a lot of producers out there. And they all need to inspire.
It may take place at an office, in a restaurant, in an elevator, at a conference or at a golf game; anyways it's a presentation of your product, and it should be for 10 out of 10.
An ordinary analyst simply throws facts into the audience. An outstanding one gives a presentation. Not surprisingly the career of the second one is faster.
Gleb Shulishov
Presentation Producer & Coach
A former military interpreter who turned into a salesman, Gleb has more than 10 years of personal experience in presentation field. As export manager for an international company he gave hundreds of presentations in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South Americas. Today he is a co-organizer of TEDxSadovoeRing, Kaliningrad Creative Industries collaborationist, a presentation coach and author of his proprietary methodology, that helped numerous individuals and organisations to explain, persuade and inspire.
Training program
Day One (8 hours)
Getting started
Breaking the ice
Goal setting
What's Presentation for 10 out of 10?
Audience Empathy Map
Info Core

Presentation Structure
TED Talk Structure Analisys
From Key Message to Main Body
Strong Ending
Trust Inspiring Intro
Training program
Day Two (8 hours)
Design Meets the Goal
Design Checklist
Presentation Storyboard
Do's and Don'ts
Handling Questions
True Motivation Behind Questions
Easy Questions Hard Answers
Hard Questions Easy Answers
Counter Trolling Techniques
Attention Grabbing Techniques
The 3 Brains Inside One Head
Tips and Tricks on How to Attract and Keep Audience's Attention
Looking for the BIG IDEA
What will you get from the training?
The key take-aways from two days of practical experience in making presentation for 10 our of 10
Crystal Clear
Key Message
You will get to the nutshell of your idea, product or service that you are presenting and be able to communicate it to your audience in understandable and inspiring way.
You will create slide by slide hand-drawn storyboard of your presentation, that you may turn into a slide-deck, a web-site or a YouTube video afterwards.
for Questions
Every inspiring presentation inspires audience to ask questions. By the end of the two-day program you will be ready not only to handle those questions, but to use them for your own benefit.
Personal Style
of Being Great
Many people try to imitate other succesful speakers. You wouldn't have to, because you'll find your own unique and authentic way to be interesting for your audience.
More about it
Duration, group size and pricing
16 hours during two days.
Group size
From 8 to 12 people.
For individuals the price is 250 Euro.
Maria Stashenko
founder at Wonderfull, design thinking lab
If anyone asks me about the best ever coach to help uncover ones Open-mindedness, Sincerity and Common Sense, I share an e-mail and address of the most positive person and expert in presentation skills Gleb Shulishov. If you would like to get an exiting and playful experience through structured learning and practice in how to make a 10 out of 10 presentation, follow Gleb and deep dive into his training!
Andrew Grenfel
Speaker at TEDxSadovoeRing
Gleb coached me to help prepare my TEDx presentation. He was really excellent at focusing my message, thinking about how to structure the ideas, and support the words with media. We worked under time pressure, and in my second language, but throughout Gleb was very supportive, and I was impressed with his attention to detail and commitment to results. Thanks to him I gave a presentation I was proud of and the audience loved. I'd recommend working with Gleb to anyone.
Nina Polyanicheva
Financial advisor and founder at the personal finance agency
I was pretty sure I know all about presentations. This training proved I was wrong. Today my presentations have more air, they are neater, more informative and concise. I mastered a better understanding on how to approach different audiences. All that is proved by thousands of my students. Gleb is a master who not only teaches, but inspires!
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